1. Booking your Holiday/Tour

a) Your contract in respect of this tour/holiday is made with Samap Travels & Tours LTD (‘the Company‘), registered in Nigeria.

b) All communications by the Company in relation to your tour/holiday will be sent to the address stated on the booking form.

c) All bookings must be made through an authorised representative of the Company via this email- info@samaptravels.com, samaptravels@gmail.com and telephone number/whatsapp- +2348159960000 .

d) At the time of booking, no deposit is required. Payment can be made prior to the commencement of the tour or at the point of tour commencement.

f) The Company will provide the service as set out.

2. Cancellation and Changes by You

You can decide to change your tour dates at will at no cost. All that is required of you is to update us on the changes for our own documentation.

3. Your Responsibilities

Puntuality and timeliness at pick up locations is part of the success of every tour. Tourists are always enjoined to make our works and schedules easy by being punctual. If there will be any change, we should be notified ahead for proper documentation.

4. Complaints

If there are any observation or complain during or after the tour, please inform the Company office so that we are given an opportunity to help.