Explore Nigeria in 14 Days

14 Days


Nigeria is a nation with diverse tribes and ethnicities. These ethnic groups are what make Nigeria a beautiful place to live in and visit. The unique languages, food, dressing, and cultural festivals add spice and colour to the country.
Nigeria has many cultural festivals, some of which go back to the time before the arrival of major religions.
The Nigeria tour will give you an all-inclusive overview of Nigeria, the cultures, history, food and the people as you embark on a 12-15 days tour through the country for a fun and stress-free vacation.

Your tour starts from the pick up at your hotel or airport. However, since it is a private tour, tourists do have privileges to determine in most instances their preferred stops and ideas to create a flexible itinerary for the tour.


  • Historic and symbolic monuments
  • Food, Culture, Lifestyle and Languages
  • Nature Reserves
  • Museums and Arts Markets
  • Beach and Resorts
  • Waterfalls


Badagry Slave Trade Tour sheds light onto one of the darkest periods in human history and teaches about the heritage left behind. Showing artifacts from the slave trading period, this testifies to the cruelty of European traders and their allies and shows the mark they left on mankind. Tourists will also visit ‘The Point of no Return’ where slaves were taken away from Nigeria by ship.

1.Lekki Conservation Centre is a hidden gem waiting for tourists to explore as they walk on the longest canopy bridge in Africa. The Centre is one of the best and most visited nature reserves in Nigeria. Raised walkways enable viewing of animals like monkeys, crocodiles and various birds. There is also a conservation center and a library.

2.Kalakuta Republic Museum, 8 Gbemisola Street, Lagos 550104 Nigeria
The Kalakuta Republic Museum is a 'living history' museum that gives an insight into the life and struggle of the late afrobeat creator, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

3.National Museum- This museum will expose you to the history of Nigeria and all the ethnic groups with historical items

1.Makoko Floating Village is an informal settlement across the 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria. The community is built on stilts along the lagoon and was founded as a fishing village in the 19th Century

2.Lagos Extended Tour is designed for you to have a full grasp of the city and visit the malls, crafts market, fabric markets and buy other souvenirs that might interest you to take away from Nigeria. It is an opportunity to have a feel of local live music, night life and visit different top notch Nigerian restaurants for a taste of the local cuisines.
8 hours , Admission is free

1. Olumo Rock is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State, a two hours’ drive from Lagos. It is an historical monument, which served as a shelter and fortress to the Egba Warriors during the Yoruba Intercity wars in the 19th century. At the top of the rock, you will be able to see the amazing blue skies, the vegetation and just revel in the beauty of nature. If you love nature, scenery with some peace and quiet, this is for you

2.Green Legacy Resort boasts of top notch facilities including a museum, the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), an Adire African Fabric Center, mini rock for climbers, a man-made lake, a Bamboo Grove and many more strategically created attractions.

1.Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove is classified as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and this sacred forest attracts a large number of tourists as it is definitely worth visiting. It is located in Osun State which is about 4 hours’ drive from Lagos. It is the center where the annual popular Osun-Osogbo Festival takes place.

2.Ooni’s Palace in Ile-Ife is also known as the Kingdom of Ife, the spiritual home of the Yoruba people. Ooni is the traditional ruler of Ile Ife and his palace is a historical monument.

Day 6 :
Ekiti Tour

Ikogosi Warm Springs is in Ekiti State, South West Nigeria and a popular tourist attraction where warm and cold springs come together at a point. According to history, the warm and cold spring symbolizes the wives of a great hunter named Awopereige. The warm spring was the hot-tempered and troublesome wife of the hunter while the cold spring is the gentle and peace-loving wife.

1.In Benin City, there are two UNESCO Listed Heritage sites, the palace of Oba of Benin which was declared one of Nigeria‘s architectural wonder and Igun Street listed as a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Benin City National Museum is also home to a large number of Nigeria’s terracotta, bronze, and cast iron artefacts

2.Igun Street Benin City, also known as Igun-Eronmwon quarters is listed as a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is one of Benin City’s most visited tourist attractions as the home of the brass/bronze casting industries in Benin. It displays one of the 31 guilds of the Oba of Benin of the ancient and magnificent Benin kingdom. There are local traders who sell souvenirs and trinkets of rich cultural significance.

Day 8 :
Abuja Tour

1.Sights and Sounds of Abuja- Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and the first planned city to be built in Nigeria. The city’s Central Area contains the city hall, national cultural institutes, and other government-related offices. In Abuja, we will visit Art Museum, Craft Markets, Parks and feel the sights and sounds of the city.

2.Zuma Rock- Zuma Rock is a large monolith, just north of Nigeria's capital Abuja, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Gateway to Abuja’. It is depicted on Nigeria’s 100 naira bill. Zuma Rock is 725 meters above its surroundings.

3.Jabi lake is a large body of water and is notable as a relaxation spot in Abuja to have fun with the family, enjoy a date or simply get lost in the pages of a book.

1.Abuja Arts and Craft Village- The Abuja Arts and Craft Village represents the different and beautiful cultures of the Nigerian people via expressions of paintings, beadworks and sculptures. It is rich with diverse artworks from paintings to sculptures to beads. The Village is notable place to get souvenirs that represents Nigeria’s culture. Food and drink stores are also present.

2.National Children's park and zoo is notable as a fun and educative place for children. It is a fun, educative place to excite your child's mind and to also give impressions that will last a lifetime.

3.Millennium Park- Millennium Park is notable as the place that has hosted the most amounts of foreign personalities in the country. Built by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003, it has since remained one of the largest public parks in Abuja. Millennium park covers a land of about 32 hectares. With its serene environment, Millennium Park is the perfect choice when looking for a place for a picnic, dog walking or bird watching.

4.Eagle Square- Eagle Square is notable as one of the nation's notable iconic landmarks renowned for providing the primary arena for the symbolic transfer of power and inauguration of new Governments, notably the Swearing-in Ceremony of the Executive Presidents of the Federal Republic. It was built in 1999 to serve as the platform of the official take-off of the Fourth Republic of the Federation of Nigeria.

Yangari Game Reserve is situated in Bauchi State and it is the country's richest wildlife. At Yankari, you will enjoy Safari, Wikki Warm Spring, Marshall caves, Museum & other tourist attractions.

1. The slave history museum in Calabar keeps relics of the transatlantic slave trade and modern-day slavery. Sitting on the site of a 15th century slave trading warehouse, exhibits explore local slave markets, the grim bits and pieces of the slave trade including chains and shackles, and the diversity of currencies used to purchase people, such as copper bars, brass bells and flutes.

2.Calabar is the capital city of Cross River state which is located in the Southern part of Nigeria known as the Niger Delta region. While in the state, we will tour the city to experience the sights and sounds including its night life.

The resort has two large river-sized swimming pools with numerous pleasant and beautiful mountain-area and country-side views, with a well preserved and calm Serene to suit all guests. You can let loose with activities like swimming, horse-riding, golfing and hiking.

Tour After Party- Our agency hosts tourists to a lavish dinner and after party at the end of our Nigerian tours to relax and network. For us, it is always our own way of encouraging tourists for their interests in visiting and touring our Country, Nigeria. And to help create memories and relationship.

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 Explore Nigeria in 14 Days


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